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Green Clay

Green Clay

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Our 100% Natural Green Clay (for oily skin)  is a powder that originates from the slow erosion of granite (Kaloin).  This clay is used as a beaty mask, which softens and purifies the skin.  Mainly for sensitive and dry skin.



  1. Use a small bowl and one large spoon (tablespoon) of Green Clay with distilled or mineral water (not hot) 
  2. Pour water where it is slightly over the clay
  3. Let sit until the clay completely absorbs the water (5 - 30 mins).   
  4. Mix thoroughly
  5. The well-mixed clay should resemble that of a dense paste -thick enough for a spoon to stand without falling
  6. Apply layer on face: 5 minutes or less for dry skin, 10 minutes or less for normal skin, 20 minutes or less for oily skin
  7. Rinse mask off with water and add moisturizer immediately

Note: Leaving the mask on your face to dry completely out can lead to unnecessary loss of moisture, as clay will start adsorbing moisture along with toxins and oily deposits of skin.


  • Oily skin  2 - 4 times a week
  • Normal or dry skin 1 - 2 times a week
  • Topical Spot Treatment  - as needed


Size:  4oz (118ml)

INGREDIENTS:      All 100% Natural ingrendients




Keep stored in a dry place



For external use only.  Store in a safe location.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Not to be used by children/infants. If an adverse reaction develops, stop using immediately and consult with a Physician.  Made with 100% Natural ingredients.

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