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Rhasoul with 7 Plants

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Ghassoul Mask has great absorption properties. As they dry on the face, they absorb and suck up dirt and oil that may have gathered in small cellular crevices throughout the day. When used daily or every other day, they can even draw up impurities that are buried in the deeper layers of the skin and prevent future blemishes from forming. With all this absorption going on, they can and probably will leave your face slightly on the drier side, so make sure to follow up with a gentle toner Such as Rosewater or Orange blossom water and moisturize with 100% Pure Argan Oil.  

Our Rhassoul is mixed with 7 different plants extracts with essential oil for additional benefits that contribute to the cleanliness and beautification of the hair and skin. These different extracts play different roles in relaxation, purification, and improving peripheral circulation of the skin and scalp.

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